Friday at Le Mans was a day packed with announcements – one that likely did not get the attention it deserved was the low key – but very public ‘reveal’ of the new for 2020 ‘Gen 2’ LMP3s from the four selected chassis suppliers – Adess, Duqueine (previously Norma), Ginetta and Ligier.

The cars were on public display throughout a very sunny Friday in open tentage on the main track from Pit Out up towards Dunlop – You can see a gallery of images from Peter May here.

The DSC Editor took a meandering walk around all four – though in truth the Duqueine D08 on display was, in fact, a Norma M30 show car, the 2020 car clearly not yet complete.

Stephen Kilbey took a look at what we know about the new cars on DSC last week You can read that story here

Since then we have heard more about the missing link – the Duqueine D08 (Norma M30 show car shown below) – the evolution of the Norma M30 now to be built in the brand new Duqueine factory in Alès.

Norma M30 Showcar

Yann Belhomme, General Director of Duqueine Automotive:

“D08, the eighth project in the history of Duqueine (Gilles Duqueine had previously designed seven single-seat VG1 to VG7). This car the new LMP3 2020 regulations on all safety elements. The aerodynamics of the car has been reworked to improve its efficiency, as well as the reliability of all elements of the car. The style is very similar to the car of 2019 because we were already very satisfied with the model currently entered in the endurance championships.”

Duqueine Automotive Engineer, Thibault Mourgues told the DSC Editor – “The new car will see the mandatory changes to safety and mechanical packages but will see significant changes to the frontal aero (though the D08 will retain the trademark needle nose of the Norma M30), with new front uprights and suspension, revised brake cooling (and subsequently revised sidepods, a new engine cover and double element rear wing.

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