As one of the most coveted expanses of waterfront territory in “the land down under,” Australia’s Gold Coast boasts more than a few exemplary homes. And amidst the veritable cornucopia of one-of-a-kind dwellings that dot the country’s most beautiful coastline, the aptly named Cove House, by Justin Humphrey Architect (JHA), stands out as an example of something a bit more special.

The construction of The Cove House was admittedly experimental — seeking to test the boundaries between the tactile understandings of private (and public) thresholds. The home’s tapered roofline, brutalist, load-bearing concrete walls, and tailored style provide a contextual look into its ethos: the destruction of segmentation, the ambitious pursuit of socialization, and the refined ability to break free of preconceived notions when it comes to architectural acuity. As JHA moved forward with the project, the inclusion of subtropical characteristics and articulating construction seemed the only plausible route to take — open-ended living areas, ceilings adorned in stained timber, and the presence of nature provide the home with its undeniable constitution — giving denizens the perfect retreat for domestic introspection.

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